you may believe, jesus is son of god, because for you become life by your faith in jesus.
John 20:31 , John 11:1-44

Friday, 25 May 2012

jesus explain why he must die at jerusalem.

on the same day, two of the jesus disciples went to a village named Emmaus, which is located approximately seven miles from Jerusalem, and they talked about everything that has happened. when they still talking, then jesus come to them, and walking with them. but there is something blocking their eyes, so they did not know that is jesus. then jesus said to them: "What are you talking while you walk?" then they stop walking, and their face looking sad. one of them, named Cleopas, answered: "i think only you, who do not know what happened in jerusalem in the past three days?" then he ask them: "What has happened?" they replied: "this What happened to Jesus of Nazareth. he was a prophet, his words very powerful in front of God and in front of our entire nation. But the chief priests and our rulers has delivered him to be punished death and they had crucified him. we previously expect, that he was who came to release israel. but now the third day since that things happened, some women among us has surprise us at early in the morning they went to the tomb, and did not find jesus body. then they came up with the news that they had seen angels, and the angel said, jesus life again.

and some of our friends already go to the tomb and no found jesus body "then he said to them:" O you fools, how slow your heart, because you do not believe what prophets saying! Is not Messiah must suffer that things for enter into his glory? "then he explain to them what is written about jesus in the entire Bible, from the books of Moses and all the prophets book.

after they approached the village, then he acts like wanted to continue his journey. but they are so pressed him, said: "stay with us, because the day was nearly night and the sun had goes down." then he get in to house with them. When he sat down to eat with them, he took bread, gave thanks to god and broke it and gave it to them. that is opened their eyes and they know him is jesus, but he vanished from their midst. they said one to another: "Was not our heart burning, when he speaks to us in the middle of the road and when he explained the scriptures to us?"

then they return to Jerusalem. at there they found the eleven disciples. they were gathered together with their friends. then they said to them all: "God has really risen and has appeared to Simon." then the two men explain what has happened in the middle of the road and how they recognize jesus when he broke the bread.