you may believe, jesus is son of god, because for you become life by your faith in jesus.
John 20:31 , John 11:1-44

Friday, 20 May 2011

Jesus cast out evil spirit

then they across the lake, the area Gerasene people. when jesus out of the boat, came one people possessed with evil spirits from the cemetery to meet him. no one can tie it, even with chain, because he often break the chain, so no one powerful enough to tame it. day and night he roamed the cemetery and in the hill, screaming and beating him self with stone. when he saw Jesus from a far, he ran to get jesus and worship jesus, and she loudly shouted: "What's your business with me, O Jesus, son of god. for the sake of god, do not torment me!" because Jesus told him: "you evil spirit! out of this guy!" then he ask him: "what's your name?" he replied: "my name is legion, for we are many." she pleaded with great for jesus do not cast out the spirits that out of the area.

is there on the hillside a large number of pigs were feeding, and the spirits are asked to him, saying: "command that we moved into the pigs, let us enter it!" Jesus granted their request. and the evil spirits entered the pigs. about two thousand pig were jumping off the edge of a cliff into the lake and suffocated in it.

then the pig guards told it in the city and in villages. then they went out to see what happen. they came to Jesus and saw the person who possessed it sit, already dressed and was sane, the man who was possessed with the legion. then they afraid. people who have seen it told them about what had happened to those possessed by demons, and about the pigs. then they urged jesus to leave from they area.

when jesus into the boat, the man who was possessed by demons that request, to follow him. jesus no permit him, and he said to him: "go home, to your village people, and Tell them everything that has been done by God upon you and how he has loved you!" the men go and start preaching in the region of Decapolis telling what Jesus had done for him and they all surprised.