you may believe, jesus is son of god, because for you become life by your faith in jesus.
John 20:31 , John 11:1-44

Sunday, 22 May 2011

jesus raised Jairus child and heal the sick woman.

after jesus crossed again with the boat, the crowds came in droves and gathered around him. and he was on the lake, then came a leader of the synagogue named Jairus. when he saw Jesus, he fell down in front of his feet and beg jesus: "My girl is sick, almost dead, please came put your hands upon it, so she survived and remain alive." and then go jesus with person. crowds flocked to follow him and crowded around him.

is there a women already twelve years suffer from bleeding. he had been repeatedly treated by different physician, but did not become good and the situation is getting worse. he had heard the news about Jesus, then in the midle of the crowd she approached Jesus from behind and touch his robe. because he said: "If I only touch the origin of his robe, I shall be healed." and bleeding stopped immediately and she felt his body had recovered from his illness. and jesus know, there is power had gone out of him, then she turned on the crowd and asked: "Who touched my robe?" his disciples replied: "You see how these people crowded near you, and you ask: who touched me?" then he looked around to see who had done this. the woman, became scared and shaking when he know what had happened to her, then she fell down at Jesus and sincerely tell everything to jesus. then he said to her: "O my son, your faith has saved you. go with the happyness and healed from illness!"

when Jesus was still speaking, came the head synagogue family and said: "your son is dead, what else you need the teacher?" but jesus ignored their words and said to synagogue: "Do not be afraid, just believe!" then jesus no permitt man to come along, except Peter, James and John, brother of James. and they see noisy people, crying and wailing loudly. after he entered he said to those people: "why do you fuss and cry? the girl is not dead, but sleeping!" but they laughed to him.

then they pursued all that people, then the parent of the child along with him went into the child room. then held the child hand, he said: "Talita law," which mean: "O son, I say to you, get up!" the child instantly stood and walked, because his age was twelve years old. all people very amazed. he told to them, dont let anyone know it, and then he told them to give the child eat.