you may believe, jesus is son of god, because for you become life by your faith in jesus.
John 20:31 , John 11:1-44

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Elijah with Moses and god come to jesus

Jesus took Peter, James and John, and together with them go to the high mountain. there they were alone. then Jesus was transfigured in front of their eyes. and his cloth flashing very white. no one on earth can whiten cloth like that. then come Elijah with Moses, they are talking with Jesus. petrus said to Jesus: "Rabbi, how happy we were in this place. let us make three tents: one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah." he says this, because do not know what to say, because they were terrified. then a cloud overshadowed them, and from the cloud came a voice: "This is my beloved son, hear him." and suddenly when they looked around them, they saw no one else with them except Jesus alone.

when they come down from the mountain, Jesus commanded them not to tell anyone what they had seen. before the son of men rose from the dead. they hold the message and questioning them what is meant by "risen from the dead." then they asked him: "why the expert- scribes saying that Elijah must come first?" Jesus replied: "Elia truly shall come first and restore all things. just how is it written of the Son of man, that he should suffer many things and be treated with contempt? but I tell you, Elijah has already come, and people dont rspect him, as it is written about him. "