you may believe, jesus is son of god, because for you become life by your faith in jesus.
John 20:31 , John 11:1-44

Sunday, 19 February 2012

jesus explain parable about the lost son.

jesus said: "there is a man/father have two sons. the youngest said to his father: Father, give me the property which became my right/part. then his father give the property to them. few days later the younger son sell all his property and went into far country. there he squandered his money with riotous living. after he spent all his money, there arose a famine in the country and he began destitute. then he work on an employer in that country. the boss command him go to the field to maintain the pig. and the son want to fill his belly with the pigs food, but no one gave it to him. then he realized his bad condition, then he say, my father have many servant and all his servant have abundant food, but i hunger here. I will go to my father and said to him: Father, I has sinned to heaven and to father, I am not worthy to be called your son: make me as one of your servant. then he got up and go back to his father. when he was still far, his father had seen him, and his heart was touched by compassion. then his father ran to meet him and embraced and kissed him. then the son said to him: Father, I have sinned to heaven and to father, I am no more worthy to be called your son. but the father said to his servants: give him the best robe and put ring on his finger and shoes on his feet. and cut the fatted calves, and let us eat and rejoice. because my dead son is was alive again, he has lost and i got it back. then they began celebrate. but his eldest son was in the field and when he came home and when she near at his house, he heard the sound of flutes and singing dances. then he called one of servant and asked him what all that mean. then the servant answer, your brother has return and your father has kill the fatted calf, because he has got him back in safe. the eldest son was angry and he did not want get in to his house. and his father came to him and talked with him. but he answered his father, he said: I have many years serving father and I never disobeyed father, but father never gave me a young goat to rejoice with my friends. but he had just come your son who has squandered father wealth/property with the prostitutes, then father kill the fatted calf for him. then the father said to him, you always with me, and everything i have is yours. we should rejoice and be glad, because your brother was dead and become alive again, he has lost and i got it back.