you may believe, jesus is son of god, because for you become life by your faith in jesus.
John 20:31 , John 11:1-44

Monday, 2 July 2012

jesus is the bread for your life from heaven.

then that Jews people grumble to jesus, because jesus saying: "I am the bread which came down from heaven." then they say:"is not he is jesus, yusuf son, we know who is his father and mother? how he can say: I've come down from heaven?" then jesus said to them: "do not you grumbling.

no one can come to me, if he is not drawn by the Father who sent me, and he will be awakened at the end of time. is written in book of the prophets: and everyone who has heard and accept the teaching of the father, will come to me. it does not stated, there is people who have seen Father. only he who coming from god, he had seen Father. I say to you: who truly believes, he have eternal life.